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Pasma'al encompasses eight linked worlds and is the culmination of almost 20 years of running games. Each world began as its own setting for specific campaigns, but as time passed they have all converged. As each world was added, the cosmology had to be adjusted and conceptualization had to occur on much wider scopes. This has and continues to allow for growth in nearly every aspect of fantasy gaming.


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Limit manual lookups during sessions, and have the material you need to create out of game.
Having the information you need quickly is important whether you are running or playing a game. This site references as much as of the SRD as we have time to get in. Even if the information is not directly provided, our index will tell you exactly where to find it. To supplement these resources, all of the content is organized into easy access lists, are appropriately tagged, and are search-able. When in doubt, just type the type of content and its name into the search bar or address bar, for example; Feats:Power Attack. It's a great resources both in and out of play.

Custom Content = More Options

Accompanying the Setting and the Quick Reference is play-tested and balanced custom content. Pasma'al gives your players more character options with Races, Classes and abilities. It also provides for Dungeon Masters with Monsters and Templates. Like the Quick Reference, all of our custom content is just as easy to access.

Custom Content Lists:
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